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Welcome! Enjoy these sample classes!

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One lesson from Nature Journaling can be found by clicking this link:

From "Paint your way through Art History", Paint Monet's Waterlilies:

The history talk about Monet

Videos 2 and 3 are paint-alongs like Bob Ross!


If you'd like to paint along, you'll need:

acrylic paint in blue, magenta, yellow, and white and something to paint on: canvas or paper.


If you use paper, use a heavy weight paper and coat it with a thin layer of gesso before you start. In the class, we use a Strathmore Mixed Media Art Journal, which we fill entirely by the end of the year making an amazing art history book and portfolio piece.

How to teach Science + Creativity

Essentials Grammar Sample Class

After 16 years of classical homeschooling, you pick up a thing or two!

This is a sample class from a short seminar on how to teach grammar to your own kids. I helped write the book on grammar for Classical Conversations, and made a short video series for moms who want an overview of the grammar in Essentials Class.

Art Grant Project Ideas

If you're in Challenge II, you'll be asked to do an Art Grant Project. It's hard to know how to start! So watch this video and get some ideas and formulate a plan to get it done on time!

Feel free to send the link to your students!


My FB Group name has changed:

Delightful Art Co. Fan Club

is the new name!

Join me there and let's share art ideas!

In the video I refer to the chart below. Just click on the red box below and it should open up. It's a filled in chart. Have your students make their own chart using this as a guide.  (And show me their art projects in the FB group, Marvelous to Behold Fan Club, I'd love to see what they create!

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