Which Delightful Art class goes with which Classical Conversations program?

You don't have to be in Classical Conversations to take a Delightful Art class, but they coordinate very nicely as described below.

Any class can be done by watching recordings if the days and times don't fit your schedule.


Any Foundations student who loves to draw and loves animals would enjoy Fables. Hearing a fable and pulling out the characters can boost their language skills, too. You can extend the lesson at home by talking more about the fable and its moral. Your student might enjoy showing their artwork in their Foundations presentation and re-telling the fable.

Fables Logo.png


A Foundations Student who loves nature and drawing would love Into the Woods. With the poetry, this will also help your Essentials student develop language skills. You can extend the lesson by copying the poem or memorizing the poem. Students can read or recite the poem and show their artwork for presentations.

Into The Woods green back.png

In the last 3 years of Foundations, (grades 4, 5, and 6) use this class to encourage your student to read more books about history! Lessons are related to chapter books from Beautiful Feet. Students can show their art and talk about the book and the history for their presentations in Foundations! This is a great way to add literature without adding more writing (since they will be writing in Essentials). In this class they read a book and make an art project instead of writing a paper! This course matches Cycle 2 and next year a similar class will coordinate with Cycle 3.

Painting Medieval History.png

Challenge A & B & I

Sea and Sky coordinates with the astronomy strand in Challenge B. It also includes meteorology  and marine biology which gives them a preview of biology they will encounter in Challenge II. It also reviews terms they encountered in Foundations memory work. (You don't have to be 12 to take this class, the science terms can be a preview or a review!)

Sea & Sky Logo.png

Challenge II

Art History coordinates with Challenge II's Western Cultural History strand. The creator of this class is also the author of Marvelous to Behold, the text used in Challenge II! This class includes all 12 of the artists in Challenge II and retells the story of the rise and decline of Western culture that Francis Schaeffer tells in the DVD series the students watch in class. Some students take this class while they are in Challenge I in preparation for Challenge II. (There is a dual enrollment option for this class.)

History Logo on navy.png

Challenge III and IV

Great Books coordinates with any literature strand in Challenge. After students have completed Paint Your Way Through Art History, they are invited to join Paint Your Way Through Great Literature in which they choose a book to use as source material for drawing, painting, design, character development, and illustration lessons. Literary analysis helps us illustrate well. They can choose The Hobbit, Shakespeare plays, The Odyssey or their favorite Challenge book (or any good book). 

Great Books Logo on yellow.png

Challenge IV and Parents

This watercolor class coordinates with Challenge IV's Theology strand. First semester will include Psalms and Old Testament, and second semester will include Parables and New Testament.

Challenge IV students and parents will find this relaxing and encouraging.

Psalms and Parables [Recovered].png


Parents who are getting ready to be in Essentials and would like an overview of the grammar would enjoy this workshop. Offered live June 20 and July 11, 2022 and recordings available to watch any time.

Essentials Workshop.png

Offered live in the summer and as a self-paced video course any time, this 12 part course is a great prep for Challenge II parents and directors and students who want to try some classes before diving into the full year-long course. It covers the 12 artists in Marvelous to Behold, the text used in Challenge II's Western Cultural History strand.