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Art that Enhances your CC Experience


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Welcome Friends!

I was a part of Classical Conversations for 16 years as a parent, a director, writer and graphic designer. You might recognize my name from the book, "Marvelous to Behold" and some of Leigh Bortin's books. I created the PreScripts series and the original Trivium Tables. Lots of my art classes were inspired by my own homeschool experience so they naturally relate to the CC programs. You'll find live, online classes, self-paced classes, and retreats for all ages. I hope you are blessed by bringing a little more art into your homeschool!  

-Courtney Sanford

Classical Educator, Artist, Author, Artist

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Challenge II

Art History coordinates with Challenge II's Western Cultural History strand. The creator of this class is also the author of Marvelous to Behold, the text used in Challenge II. This class includes all 12 of the artists in Challenge II and retells the story of the rise and decline of Western culture that Francis Schaeffer tells in the DVD series the students watch in class. There are 30 lessons in this year-long course. Some students take this class while they are in Challenge I in preparation for Challenge II. There is a dual enrollment option for this class through a partnership with Bryan College!

For students who don't have time for the year-long class, there is a shorter self-paced option: "Paint Your Way through Marvelous to Behold" which is 12 lessons (only the art that is in Challenge II) and can be done at your own pace. 

Art History 2023.png

How did an artist raise a scientist? 

Nature Journaling is the first step to raising a scientist because this will train them to attend to details. They'll also enjoy learning about plants and animals, seeing God's design in nature and learning to draw. (My oldest son is a chemist and dentist so, I can wholeheartedly say you can raise a scientist through CC- I'd just add nature journaling.)

This is a great introduction to drawing and painting and is great for younger students.


Nature Journaling2023.png


Beef up 5th and 6th grades with these art classes. Recommended readings get students interested in reading more, short slide shows show them how art has been involved in history and students learn valuable drawing and painting skills! Each year, the history coordinates with the Foundations Cycle History. For 2023-24 we will do Cycle 3: American history. In 2024-25, we will do Ancient History and themed fine art lessons.

American History 2023.png

Challenge A & B & I

This class makes Latin relatable and enjoyable!

Experienced Challenge mom, Jennifer Whitaker leads makes grammar memorable and leads students through fascinating art projects. Art projects will be inspired by Roman culture and art: mosaics, vase paintings, statues, Ancient Greek frescos, and more!

Drawing, painting, paper mosaics, and Sculpy clay projects will give students a great introduction to art skills. 

Latin 2023.png

Don't have time for the full Art History course? Take the sampler class and just do the 12 in Challenge II. Offered live in the summer and as a self-paced video course any time, this 12-part course is a great prep for Challenge II parents and directors and students who want to try some classes before diving into the full year-long course. It covers the 12 artists in Marvelous to Behold, the text used in Challenge II's Western Cultural History strand.

M2B self paced june 23.png

Art Retreats

A challenge student retreat can enrich your whole community experience by building relationships with students and sharing an enriching and fun art experience. If you have a group of 7 or more students (ages 12+), I can plan a fantastic private art retreat for your group! If you host a retreat, you get free tuition for your student. (One free student for every 6 students you bring.) Retreats are typically 3 days together in a vacation home. I'll plan 5 art lessons over the 3 days and give students a chance to experience a variety of mediums and learn about famous artists and art-related devotions. Unlike a "Wine and Design" type paint party, I teach the process and let students explore their own creativity, so everyone's art is unique! I'll bring my mobile art studio with tables, chairs, drop cloths, projector and screen, and all the art supplies; you find the students, house, and a few moms to provide meals. Contact to start planning your retreat!

IMG_9626 2.JPG
IMG_9705 2.JPG

Parents who are preparing for Essentials and would like an overview of the grammar would enjoy this workshop. It's recorded and available to watch any time.

Getting ready for Directing Challenge II? Take the Self-Paced Paint your way through Marvelous to Behold and create an art timeline for your classroom and gain valuable insight for class conversations.

Interested in teaching an in-person art class: painting and drawing, using the videos? Check out our Facilitator Training!

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M2B self paced june 23.png
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