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Frequently Asked Questions

If I can't make it to the class times offered, can I do the classes with the videos instead?

Yes, some students do the class entirely using pre-recorded videos. You will have access to the recordings for a full twelve months. All classes are recorded and made available as soon as possible.

Are the classes recorded in case I miss a class?

Yes, all classes are recorded. During the first or second class, your teacher will show you how to access the recordings.

What is your refund policy?

Full refunds are not possible, so please prayerfully consider the choice before paying. If something comes up and you are not able to attend the class you have purchased, please consider switching to another session of the same class, or ask the teacher to be put on a waitlist should another session become available. Second, consider doing the class using the class recordings. You may be able to switch to another class taught by the same teacher, email the teacher to inquire about that.

If you need to withdraw and the above options are not possible, the tuition may be refunded by the teacher. The part of the payment that is the "registration fee" is not refundable. That portion is $80 if you paid for a full year or $50 if you paid for one semester. No refunds are made after the first week of the class.

Are you a part of a Charter School in California? 

We have lots of students from California, but, we don't participate in California's charter school program. Parents pay for art classes like you would any extra curricular program like dance lessons or piano lessons. Some states reimburse parents for the costs by showing the receipt for payment of the class which you will receive upon payment. Further information can be provided after you've paid for a class.

Do I pay a registration fee?

The registration fee is included in the payments.​ If you pay for the year in full, you pay an $80 registration fee as a part of that payment. If you pay per semester, you'll pay a $50 registration fee per semester. These fees are non-refundable. The tuition is transferrable to another class taught by the same teacher. Tuition refund is possible until the first week of class. After the first class, there are no refunds, only transfers. 

What if I have to withdraw from a class after I've already paid?

The portion of your payment which is the registration fee is non-refundable. ($80 if you pay for the year. $50 if you pay by the semester.) Switching to a class by the same teacher is possible if there is space in the class. Email the teacher directly to switch. No refunds are made after the first week of class.

Do you offer a discount for siblings?

No, not yet, the custom software that would be required for authentication of family members would require us to raise the price for everyone, so you actually come out ahead if we just keep the price as low as possible for everyone.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we do work with families who are facing difficult circumstances. Please email and ask for a scholarship application or schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss. We have done partial and full scholarships  in the past.I've found that partial scholarships have better results- sometimes when there is no "skin in the game" the student stops coming to class, so we want to work with you to figure out what would best work for the student.

Do you offer internships?

Yes. Our interns are 18 or older and have completed at least, Paint Your Way Through Art History. There are a variety of intern positions in book illustration, graphic design, social media, and assistant teaching. Most interns work remotely, meeting online via Zoom as needed.  We aim to give interns work experiences based on their talents and interests to help them decide what professional route they may want to pursue. If you are interested, please email Courtney at

Where do I get a supply list?

Supply lists are at the bottom of the class info page.  Your teacher can answer any questions you may have about supplies. You are welcome to substitute art supplies and use what you already have. If you don't see the supply list, email your teacher and ask for one to be emailed to you.

Where do I get the Zoom link for the live class?

The Zoom link will be emailed to you from your teacher shortly before the first class. 

How do I register for a class?

Go to the class info page and click the red button that has the day and time on it. That will take you to the check out page. (The shop link at the top of the website will take you to our shop where we sell books.)

Are the times East Coast Time Zone?

Yes, all times listed are East Coast times.

In the Medieval and American History Class, what order are the books read in?

The books are listed in the order that they are read on the Medieval History Class page. There is a PDF on that page so you can download it and print it out. 

Do you ship books to Canada and to military bases? 

Yes, we have been able to in the past. Please email me and we'll take your oder and trouble shoot the address and whatever else is needed. It is usually $15 in shipping plus a $15 entry fee to Canada. To military bases, it's not usually higher costs, but it's slower, so order early.

Is the Registration Fee refundable?

No, we are not able to refund registration fees. We can switch you to another session of the same class, but there are a lot of steps, so please carefully consider your choice before paying the registration fee. We cannot roll a registration fee over to the following year either.

How do I get college credit?

1. Join Paint Your Way Through Art History and pay for the year or one semester

3. Pay the Dual Enrollment Fee at

4. Register with Bryan College (You'll receive a link to do this.)

Note: you may get automatic emails from Bryan College asking you to apply. This is an issue that they will resolve with their system update soon, but until then, just ignore those. You do not have to apply to Bryan College, they take our students as a group, and I pay once for everyone, so it's a little different than individuals who take dual enrollment classes.

Can I join a class for just the second semester?

Yes! We have lots of new students join in January. Just register for the class as normal at the REGISTER link above and your teacher will contact you. Please consider doing the entire year. What is normally perceived as "talent" is really just "having practiced." Art takes a lot of practice and if you give yourself or your child a full year of practice, their skills will really blossom and their confidence will build. If you join a class in January, please consider doing more art with us the following year.

Can my younger children participate while my older child is taking a class?

The child who is in the class will be occasionally be asked to unmute and answer a question from the teacher, and will be expected to listen closely to instructions and manage different types of art supplies that may be unfamiliar. To set him up for success, you'll want to keep distractions to a minimum so he can hear and focus his attention. He can unmute and ask the teacher to repeat something at any time, but children sometimes find that stressful. So if you can keep the other two from distracting him, it would be fine. If they are talking and laughing and sharing supplies, it might make the class less enjoyable for him. What I would do is set him up for class and make sure he has the supplies, maybe listen to the first 5 minutes of class, and then use the rest of that hour to work with the other two kids and give them your undivided attention: maybe you focus on learning to read at that time, or read aloud something special. I know my oldest often got the bulk of my attention and I loved having a special time to focus on the younger ones. Then, after class is over, I'd bring the younger 2 in and let the older one show them what he did in class and teach them what he learned (not everything of course, but the highlights.) Then, I'd let all of them use the art supplies to do some more art. You'll also have access to the recorded class that you could play for all of them if they're interested...using a recording is nice because you can pause the recording at any time and replay sections you want or fast forward over what you don't need. If you want all 3 to do it together, you have the recordings to use in that way and that would alleviate any time constraints or having to talk to a live teacher at a specific time. Or, you might want to consider purchasing a self-paced class in that way. (Of course, you can't ask questions or get feedback in a self-paced class.) That's my vision for the course, anyway. If you'd like to talk more, schedule a consultation, and we can talk face to face sometime! Or I'm happy to talk more over chat! Have a great day and I hope the classes, however you decide to do them are a blessing to your homeschool experience!

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