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Frequently Asked Questions

If I can't make it to the class times offered, can I do the classes with the videos instead?

Yes, some students do that, and they do the class at their own pace! You will have access to the recordings for a full twelve months, so you can spread it out if you have sports or other things to work around. All classes are recorded and made available as soon as possible.

Can I join a class for just the second semester?

Yes! We have lots of new students join in January. Just register for the class as normal at the REGISTER link above and your teacher will contact you.

Are the classes recorded in case I miss a class?

Yes, all classes are recorded. During the first or second class, your teacher will show you how to access the recordings.

Are you a part of a Charter School in California? 

We have lots of students from California, but, we don't participate in California's charter school program. Parents just pay for art classes like you would any extra curricular program like ballet.

Do I subtract the registration fee from the tuition?

No, you pay the registration fee and then you pay tuition. They are two separate payments.

Do you offer a discount for siblings?

No, not yet, the custom software that would be required for authentication of family members would require us to raise the price for everyone, so you actually come out ahead if we just keep the price as low as possible for everyone.

Where do I get a supply list?

Supply lists are sent automatically upon registration.  If you don't get a supply list in your email, first, check your junk mail folder. Second, check that you entered your email correctly. Third, email me and I'll send it again.

Where do I get the Zoom link for the live class?

The Zoom link was sent automatically upon registration. If you don't see it, check your junk mail folder, then verify that you entered your email address correctly. If you aren't getting any emails after you've registered, please contact The teacher of your class will send the link the day before the class begins. At that time the link will go to the email address that was entered​ as "Student email" when you registered. If you want to change that, email your teacher.

How do I register for a class?

1. In the top menu bar, find REGISTER. Click on that, and then select the session and class you want.

2. You will automatically get an email with directions on how to pay tuition and the supply list. If you don't get that email, check your junk mail or email (Sometimes the email gets entered wrong. Please type in your email address carefully.) The registration email will have your teacher's information. You can contact the teacher for more information.

Are the times East Coast Time Zone?

Yes, all times listed are East Coast times.

In the Medieval History Class, what order are the books read in?

The books are listed in the order that they are read on the Medieval History Class page. There is a PDF on that page so you can download it and print it out. 

Do you ship books to Canada and to military bases? 

Yes, please email me and we'll take your oder and trouble shoot the address and whatever else is needed. It is usually $15 in shipping plus a $15 entry fee to Canada. To military bases, it's not usually higher costs, but it's slower, so order early.

Is the Registration Fee refundable?

No, we are not able to refund registration fees. We can switch you to another session of the same class, but there are a lot of steps, so please carefully consider your choice before paying the registration fee. We cannot roll a registration fee over to the following year either.

How do I get college credit?

1. REGISTER for Paint Your Way Through Art History

2. Pay tuition for Paint Your Way Through Art History at

3. Pay the Dual Enrollment Fee of $150 at

4. Upon paying, you'll receive a link to register with Bryan College. You must register with Bryan College through that link by their deadline or your DE fee will be refunded.

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