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Marvelous To Behold Facilitator Training for Teaching 

In-Person Classes

Live online or recorded training with Courtney Sanford


Training for how to teach M2B in person to a group

This includes:

1. $200 coupon towards a Paint Your Way Through Marvelous to Behold Annual Subscription


2. Site license to show the videos to a group in-person

3. The teacher training videos (scroll down to view videos)


Must be 21 or older. Art teaching experience not required, but helpful.


It is highly recommended that your students purchase the book, “Reflections on Art History” from Delightful Art Co.

Questions? Please email Courtney Sanford at

TO PURCHASE, from the top menu bar, select, "Self-Paced Classes" and choose "Facilitator Training M2B"

You'll be prompted to pay, then you'll have access to that page where the videos are. Once you complete the video training you'll see instructions on how to get the coupon code for $200 of the Marvelous to Behold annual subscription. 



Note that this course is not college-credit equivalent. It is worth half a high school fine arts credit. 12 artists are covered. (The college-credit course is facilitated by faculty of Bryan College and is 15 weeks covering 14 artists.) Students who wish to do the college-credit course must enroll in Paint Your Way Through Art History online.



Included in Training:


I. Nurturing Artists

    Delightful Art Co. Distinctives

    Nurturing The Soul of the Creative Student 

    Role of Critiques - Danger of Criticism, Benefits of Praise and How To’s

    Teaching Philosophy and Practical Application


II. Class Set-Up and Management 

    Differences between online and in person classes

    How often and how long to meet, facility requirements, classroom arrangement, etc

    Recommendations and options for using videos


III. Supplies

    Pros and Cons of teacher supplying vs students

    Paint brands, sizes and where to buy/ when to order


    Pallets and water jars


    Tablecloths and drop cloths recommendations



Note that facilitators are only licensed to offer group classes in-person, only. 

License does not allow facilitators to offer the class online.

If your students like the 12 lessons in Paint Your Way Through Marvelous to Behold, please encourage them to take the live, online class, "Paint Your Way through Art History" for the full story of art history. (They can also get college credit for that class.)

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