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All Delightful Art Co. classes have a thread that that weaves through the whole class. This ties the work together and integrates art into other subjects. The Art History class, for example tells the story of the rise and decline of Western culture. Into the Woods brings students on an imaginary journey into the woods and back home again. It ties in to poetry. A classic poem launches the class and gives students ideas of things to draw. Sea & Sky is primarily an introduction to acrylic painting, but poetry will tie the projects together in a meaningful way.

Classes are taught classically, meaning, we demonstrate techniques and ask students to imitate the skill or process until they get the hang of it. We study art of the masters and see what we can learn from DaVinci, Michelangelo, and Rembrandt. There is so much to learn from artists who came before us. We honor their skill and memory and build upon them, "standing on the shoulders of giants." In most modern art classes, students are told to create original art before learning skills or studying the masters. We're bringing back the study of great art. If we had to invent the wheel every time we wanted to go somewhere, we wouldn't get far...same principle in art, we can do more if we learn from the masters.

All levels are welcome in the classes. Students can work at their own level. Students and teachers really encourage each other.

Classes don't have to be taken in any particular order. If you were to start with Fables and go from left to right, you could do them all. But please start wherever you like. the only requirement is to take Art History before Great Books because Art History is foundational to Great Books.

Watercolor Psalms and Parables and Marvelous to Behold are great for adults and high school students.

"Medieval History" would be great for students in Classical Conversation's Foundation program. Especially those later years (4th , 5th, and 6th grades) when you know the memory work and want a little more reading and a little creativity. The time period will coordinate with Foundations: the 2023-24 school year will focus on American History, and the following year will be Ancient History. The thread for this class is literature and history.

I hope you find something you like!

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