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Learn drawing and painting skills as you learn about ancient Egypt, Old Testament Times, Ancient Greece and Rome. Students create their own Ancient history book full of interesting facts and artwork.

1 hour class
Meets weekly for 12 weeks per semester


Mondays 1:00pm EST

Wednesdays 1:00pm EST

Early Bird Prices:

$285 per semester*

$530 for the full year*

Pay for the full year and save!

*These prices include the registration fee.

Registration fee is non-refundable.

*Prices good until July 15.

(Prices increase by $20 after July 15.)

Class Calendar:


Fall Semester:

Start: week of Sep. 9

Breaks: week of Oct. 7 and week of Nov. 11

Last class: week of Dec. 9


Spring Semester:

Start: Week of Jan. 13

Breaks: week of Feb. 10 & Week of Mar 17

Last class: week of April 14

Drawing and shading with pencil

Using blending tools

Drawing and shading with pens


Acrylic Painting

Mixing colors

Cut paper

Draw and shade  basic shapes

Composition Stratagies



Art Skills


Class begins with a 15 minute history lesson that will get your student excited about the interesting people and events of the past. Students learn and practice one art skill, then use that skill to created a piece of art related to the history topic.


You'll receive a syllabus with a list of topics for each week and recommended reading. Many books are from Beautiful Feet Books, or available at your library. Readings will be optional.

Questions about this class? Email

If you can't make the days/times listed, but want to take the class, email and let her know.

If you can get a group of 6 students, we'll open another session!

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Here's what people are saying about these classes:

"My daughter LOVES Ms Maddie!"

"Ms Maddie's class is fun! She is really kind."

"I enjoy the discussions about the books. Even if I haven’t read the story, she talks about it, and I can get a good understanding of the story and still participate in the discussion.  She walks us through all the steps and teaches lots of techniques for sketching and painting."

"I always like the end product." 

From Parents:

"The instructors are super encouraging and do a great job of building value in each student’s contributions to the study of “art.”  Neither of my children are natural artists, but they sure do feel more accomplished by the end of each class. The confidence boost is an added bonus. The girls are learning useful foundational skills that can be and are being applied to areas outside of class. The parent communication and class organization of each instructor is clear and easy to follow. The reading pace and selection of the books pair nicely with the Foundations cycle. We’ll be back again next year! "

You'll get a recommended reading list so you can extend the lesson outside of class! Class will cover Egypt, Old Testament Times, Greece, and Rome. It will include children's classics such as these:


Please download this PDF for a complete supply list. 


Email Maddie Sanford:

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