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You can add on dual enrollment for college credit for Paint Your Way Through Art History at a great price.

Registration will open in the summer. Students who are registered for Pant Your Way Through Art History will receive an email when dual enrollment registration opens.

(Not available to students who live in California due to California state policies.)

Dual Enrollment is an additional fee of $200 per semester

In addition to the tuition for Paint Your Way Through Art History

Bryan College charges $75 per credit hour (2 per semester)

Delightful Art Co. charges $50 per semester for admin and grading


Dual Enrollment with Bryan College is open to high school students who are homeschooled sophomores, juniors, or seniors.

Sophomores must have at least a 3.5 high school GPA.

Juniors and seniors must have at least a 3.0 high school GPA.


Students are limited to 12 semester hours through Bryan College during the regular fall and spring semesters. (Paint Your Way Through Art History is a 2 credit hour course.)

You enroll as both a Delightful Art Co. student and a Bryan College students.

To enroll with Bryan College, you first pay tuition to Delightful Art Co. You will then receive a link to Bryan College's enrollment form. You must complete both steps before the Bryan College deadline (TBA, usually 2 weeks before class begins.)


You would receive 2 credit hours per semester listed as:

FA 101 - Exploring Art History I

(you may register for second semester in December even if you haven't done FA 101)




FA 102 - Exploring Art History II 

Each semester is handled separately. You can do one or both. You do not have to do the fall semester first. 

Dual enrolled students turn in a video or link to a website that shows all their work by the deadline set by Bryan College. Work is graded by Courtney Sanford and submitted to Bryan College. You would receive a transcript from Bryan College showing 2 Fine Arts credit hours per semester.

Normally, Art History students don't turn in their work for grades, but you will need to turn it in to be graded for the credit. Work must be turned in by the deadline for credit. So, this does require the student to complete assignments on time. Which does make the class more challenging.

How it works:

1. Enroll in any session of Paint Your Way Through Art History paying either for the full year (best value) or by semester.


2. You'll then pay the Dual Enrollment Fee of $200 per semester 

3. Enroll with Bryan College. You must complete this enrollment by the Bryan College deadline. (Bryan College is not flexible. You must meet that deadline or you'll be refunded.)

4. At the end of the semester, you'll create a video or a portfolio website where you will show your work and describe it.


Note: Bryan College is an accredited college, so the credit should be transferrable to any college or university, but it is up to that college whether and how the credits will transfer. Each state has authorizing bodies which set the laws for how their residents can (or can't) participate in out-of-state educational programs.


Note: Bryan College is not authorized to offer dual enrollment to students who live in California. 

Payment will be made to Delightful Art Co. who remits payment to Bryan College.


For the fine arts dual enrollment, they will make a video or use a free portfolio website to show me their artwork. That will be due the last week of class. (I’ll give them lots of info and guidance on how to do it.)

Their art work will be graded based on the percent complete. So if they have 90% of the assignments complete, they’d get a 90. I then give extra points if I see that they’ve gone beyond expectations in any way: getting creative, putting in extra time, or showing improvement. 


Dual enrolled students will need to complete each project as they go. I really encourage them to finish one before the next class…so if they can plan an extra art session during the week, they’ll be fine. (If they put one off and catch up later, it’s not a big deal, but if they put them all off, that will be too much to do the night before the portfolio is due.) Students who don’t do dual enrollment aren’t under any pressure to finish…they sometimes finish some projects over Christmas break. 



If you decide to attend Bryan College:

Bryan College is offering $500/year scholarships to Paint Your Way Through Art History students whether they've participated in the dual enrollment program or not. Send your Certificate of Completion to your admissions counselor. (Email if you need a certificate of completion.)

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