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Learn about the pivotal artists from history and view lots of samples of their work!

Learn drawing techniques, paint mixing, painting tricks and tips!

Create your own art history book with 30 beautiful pieces of art you create!

Short devotions meant to encourage Christian artists!

Live online for 1.5 hours  (with another hour and a half of homework)

15 classes each semester for a full high school fine arts credit.


Students enrolled in Art History can get college credit for an additional fee.
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All times are Eastern Standard Time (East Coast)

Choose one session to attend live each week:

Monday Noon EST to 1:30   (Led by Courtney Sanford)

Monday 3:00 to 4:30 Eastern time (Courtney Sanford)

Tuesday 1:00 to 3:30 Eastern Time (Courtney Sanford)

Wednesday 2:30 to 4:00 Eastern time (Jennifer Whitaker, includes some  recordings by Courtney Sanford)

Thursday 2:30 to 4:00 (Jennifer Whitaker, includes some  recordings by Courtney Sanford)


The Companion book, Reflections on Art History will be used in this class. It isn't required, but it is helpful. You can find the book in the SHOP (check the top menu bar for SHOP) 

Students provide their own art supplies. You'll receive a supply list right after you sign up for the class.

Classes will have 4 parts:

1) Review of  student artwork that has been uploaded to our private forum

2) History Slide Show: a brief devotion and a look at the artist and history

3) Instruction demonstration and practice of drawing or painting technique

4) Art Project  a variety of art challenges inspired by the artist

This class goes well with Classical Conversation's Challenge II's Western Cultural History strand. The 12 artists in Challenge 2 are covered in this class. (You do not need to be in Classical Conversations.)


Students will need a laptop with a camera and mic with which they will participate in class discussions and show their artwork. 


Note: tuition is per student. If siblings take the class, they both pay tuition.

Registration Fee: $65 (Non-refundable)

Price per semester: $270

First week of classes: August 21 

       (Labor Day will be a class day. If you can't make it to class you can watch recordings)

Fall Break: the week of October 16

Thanksgiving Break: November 23 (Only Thursday classes will take a break. Those students can watch recordings)

Last week of classes: December 4

Deadline to pay for second semester: Jan. 3

Late fee of $20 applies on Jan. 4

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Videos are intended for use by the purchaser only. Not intended for sharing outside your family with others or showing in a group setting. If you wish to watch the videos with others outside your family, please have all students pay for the class. These videos are not intended to be shown during Challenge II. By purchasing the course, you agree to these terms and conditions.





Bryan College offers a $500/year scholarship to students who have completed Paint Your Way Through Art History and later go to Bryan College. Request a certificate of completion from to send to your admissions counselor. You do not have to have done the dual enrollment to qualify.


What students are saying about this class:


"There's so many styles and ideas and things to try! It helped me grow in my art and learn about history at the same time."


"I loved learning about how the artists tied into history and linked up with each other - but also I loved painting, getting new ideas and opportunities, and getting feedback on it."


"I loved the history aspect of it, but I also really loved the chatting and intimacy of the class."


"The teacher is insanely nice and at the end of the class you’ve learned more about art history than you knew there even was."


"Honestly my favorite part was at the end when I could talk to Mrs. Sanford and create a bond and share my art."


"It's a very fun class and you learn about art history in depth!"


"I have improved a lot over these semesters with Mrs. Sanford. I have learned so much about all kinds of techniques and had so much fun along the way!"


"Mrs. Sanford is an excellent teacher and everyone should give her classes a try!"


"The historical context coupled with the emphasis on technique makes for a truly fresh perspective on the vast realm of art."


"The teacher is great and the projects are fun."


"I love painting, but I really liked branching out and trying drawing. I learned alot of technique. Really liked the history too."

"I liked hearing about the lives of the artists because it gave me an entirely new understanding and perspective of the painting! I really enjoyed being able to share the paintings with everyone else on the website I love my teacher and the people in my class and I am so grateful the we have the technology to be able to learn like this! Especially since I am all the way on the other side of the world!"

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Students enrolled in Paint Your Way Through Art History can get college credit through Bryan College.

Click below for more information:

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