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The Delightful Art Co. exists to promote a Christian worldview through the study and practice of art.

We want Christian art students see how art can glorify God and we want to support them as they develop their skills and pursue careers in fine arts, graphic design, or teaching.

Although most classes are online, we strive to be personal, positive, and encouraging. We also offer art retreats so we can get to know students in person too!

We seek to tie art together with a common thread so that the body of work created in a class is not a random mix of projects, but a cohesive themed portfolio. This makes our classes feel like a progression and at the end of a class, students feel like they've been through a complete theme and achieved something great. We have classes that combine art with science, history, Bible study, fables, nature, and we're developing more classes every year.

We create beautiful books that provide source materials and information that goes along with our classes.

Our teachers are Christian, humble, encouraging, and positive and genuinely enjoy art and their students.

This is art that matters.

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