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"Classical" is a term used to describe education that returns to the roots and values of previous ages. I actually prefer the term, "Renaissance" or "Renaissancical" because during the Renaissance, the worldview was Christian. They were rediscovering the art, philosophy, and logic of the Greek Golden age and the Roman Republic, but they were still solidly Christian. (I also appreciate the Dutch Golden age which embraces the Reformation ideas, so we could call it Dutch Golden Agical, but that's a little less catchy.)

Like the Renaissance artists:


1) We believe that humans are created in the image of God. All our teachers believe this and remind students every chance they get.


2) We believe that building any skill takes practice. Just like piano students practice scales and play music written by Bach and other masters, our students practice drawing and painting skills and study art of the masters like Michelangelo and Vermeer.


3) We believe students can excel in more than one subject. Modern thinking is that students will be good at either science or art, or either writing or math, but never both. We believe that like DaVinci, students can (and should) excel in anything they apply themselves to. That is why we pair art with another academic subject. Teachers model that they love art and other subjects.


4) We believe that humans should create beautiful things that last. Our students work in an art journal which creates a cohesive, meaningful portfolio by the end of the year.

I taught my own children using the classical model of education and contributed to books written for parents about the classical method. I've applied those methods to teaching art and I hope you'll join a class so I can share what I've learned with you and your children. There's nothing more important that giving your children a firm foundation and I hope I can support you by either equipping you to teach art integrated to other subjects or by taking one thing off your plate and teaching art for you.

I hope Delightful Art Classes inspire a love of learning and a love of art for you and your students.

Delightful Art Co. Core Values:

The following values can be seen in all or teachers. We hope they rub off on our students, too!

1. Humility: We're eager to learn new things.

2. Enthusiasm: We can make it fun.

3. Integrity: We stick with it.

4. Grace: We give it.

5. Excellence: We give it our all!

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