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Draw, Paint, & Design Great Adventures

Year-long course: 30 weeks

Hour and a half classes

Prerequsite: "Paint Your Way Through Art History"

Tuesday 4:00-5:30

Thrusday 2:00-3:30

This course continues the practice of drawing and painting skills but the focus shifts to the development of original ideas and compositions. We discuss where new ideas come from and how to generate new ideas. Students discuss their ideas and creativity gets contagious. These classes tend to be more relational with more time for students to talk and they have more opportunities to try their own thing and see where it leads them. We often combine art history with pop culture to create fun new paintings. We spend more time practicing landscapes, still life and portraits in the first semester and in the second semester we do more graphic design projects like album covers, expressive typography, and book design using traditional methods (painting, drawing, and cut paper).

ALL CLASSES ARE RECORDED SO YOU CAN WATCH LATER IF YOU MISS A CLASSNote: tuition is per student. If siblings take the class, they both pay tuition.

This course alternates every year between GREAT BOOKS and GREAT ADVENTURES

2023-24 school year will be Adventures, 2024-25 will be Great Books again.​​​


Fine arts skills:

Landscapes, still lifes, portraits and sculpture.

Design skills:

Typography, album covers, book covers, and illustration (by hand, not computer)

We explore where new ideas come from and learn ideation methods

Student Take Overs:

students have the opportunity to lead a class in the second semester.


The theme for this class changes every year because students often take this class for two or three years.


We will focus on Florence, Italy which is rich in art history but we'll also use photos from my recent trip of the people and culture today.

Students will have opportunities to swap out their own travel photos if they would like to.

2024-25 will be GREAT BOOKS in which I will use Out of the Silent Planet and The Odyssey as inspiration.


We'll learn the imaginative process of illustrators like James Gurney:


Samples of student work from GREAT BOOKS

The Odyssey!_1 (1).jpg

"Not only does it push you to be a better artist, it gives you a great community of other artists and friends!"  -Greta

"I didn't realize I wanted to get better at art until I took this class and realized how much I enjoy it!  -Julian

"It helped me develop my sense of color and how to use color. I can replicate photos now because I understand what I'm seeing."  -Caelyn


"This class gives me opportunity to grow without the stress :)" - Clara


Supply List


You'll use one pack of Sculpy clay each semester for a sculpture.

As an Amazon Associate, Delightful Art Co. earns a commission from qualifying purchases. Anytime you purchase something from a link on our store, you'll be helping us reach more artists!

You'll need all the supplies from "Paint Your Way Through Art History" --

Drawing pencils and pens, paints, plus the following:

Substitutes are acceptable.

Students may also use any other art supplies that they like such as watercolor or marker.

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