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 A little Latin Grammar + Art Related to the Greeks and Romans
1 hour and 15 minute class
Meets weekly year-long for 28 weeks

Wednesday 12:30-1:45

Acrylic Painting

Drawing and shading



Mosaic making

Art Skills


Latin Grammar

The Greek and Roman Culture

Christianity at the time of the Romans

Spend about 15 minutes hearing a little bit of Latin from Henle Latin following the Classical Conversation's Challenge A schedule. Students can use this time as a preview of Latin they will be getting to or as a review of Latin they have had before. (Students do not need to be enrolled in Classical Conversations to participate in this class.)  This can be used as a class to prepare a student for Latin, or to shore up the basics for a student who is a little further along in Latin. This portion will solidify the grammar concepts that are foundational.

Art projects will be inspired by Greek and Roman culture, so students might design a mosaic or replicate a fresco. They will use acrylic paints to recreate frescos. They will use Sculpy clay to build a coil bowl, fashion decorations on it, bake it, and paint it. They will discuss the life of Christians during Roman rule and study the frescoes they painted in the catacombs below Rome, then create their own Bible-inspired paintings. this is a real art class. Students will be practicing drawing and painting techniques and looking at photos of actual Greek and Roman art for references.

Jennifer Whitaker will be leading this class. She's been through Challenge with several kids already and has developed a love a Latin, and discovered she and her son are really enjoying their Latin time together. Moms might want to sit in on the first 15 minutes and see how Jennifer handles Latin! 


Supplies Needed:


Delightful Art Co. is an Amazon Affiliate and may make a commission from sales of these items when purchased from these links. 

You may make substitutions for any of these art supplies

This supply list is subject to change...please check back for a final list in July. (This is a new class. We're still developing the projects.)

These things you probably have at home already:

You will also need:

Poster Board to protect your table

Jar for rinsing brushes

Paper Towels 

Wide brushes for using Gesso

Glue Sticks


Masking Tape


Supplies Needed:

Art Journal (at least 8.5 x 11 inches)

Drawing pencils

Blending tools


Assorted brushes

Acrylic Paint: Black, white, magenta, yellow, blue

water color paints

Colored pencils


Colored paper


Black pen

poster board to protect the table

Jar for rinse water

Paper towel or rag for wiping brushes

Glue Sticks

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