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Let the beauty of poetry inspire a beautiful drawing!

Advanced Drawing Inspired by Poetry
1 hour class
Meets weekly 14 weeks per semester

$300 for spring semester

Begins Jan. 10 or 11, 2024

Students will create their own illustrated poetry book beginning with a blank art journal. Each student's is unique, but might look something like this:

This is an advanced drawing class designed for students who have completed the Nature Journaling class (formerly known as Into the Woods). We will take what we learned in Nature Journaling and dive even deeper into realism, details, and advanced drawing techniques. 


Each class will begin with the reading of a complex poem from renowned poets like Wordsworth, Frost, Longfellow, and more. We will discuss what the poem means and learn about literary devices used in the poems as well as historical context for the authors. 


Then we will dive into our advanced projects. We will spend time building our skills as the projects progress in difficulty. Your students will learn to draw anatomy realistically- like hands, eyes, and body structure (fully clothed! We aren’t Michelangelos!). They will learn about perspective, negative space, values, hues, contrast, and more! Projects will include relistic animal drawings, human anatony, still lifes etc. which will often take multiple classes to complete.


A PDF book will be sent to you before class begins. 


Created and taught by Grace Martin Wolfe. 


With a degree in English and Art, I gathered much material from my time analyzing poems and taking anatomy and advanced drawing classes in college. I am excited to combine my two greatest passions into one class!


Note: Student must have taken my Nature Journaling class or have previously taken a drawing class before enrolling. 

Questions or would like to take the class, but can't make the day it's offered?

Email Grace at:


Supply List:

  • Spiral bound, large, mixed media sketchbook

  • Artsit Pencils (must have a range from B-H)

  • Blending stumps of varying size

  • Kneaded eraser

  • Reguar eraser

  • Ruler

  • Black, fine tip pen

  • Charcoal pencils

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