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Welcome to the second half of Advanced Art + Design: Paint Your Way Around the World

This semester starts with Japan and will continue our trek around the world.

Lesson 2.1 Japan: Mt. Fuji

Lesson 2.2a The Great Wave

Lesson 2.2b The Great Wave

Lesson 2.2c The Great Wave

Lesson 2.3a Japanese Tea Culture

Lesson 3b Making a Tea Pot

Lesson 2.4a Paint your tea pot. I don't have the video for this. Just paint it. Follow your heart.

Lesson 2.5a Australian Dot Art

Lesson 2.6a Poster Design: Old School (You can use Canva, too

Lesson 2.7a Animals of Australia

Lesson 7b Value Study of the Koala

Lesson 2.8a Color Study for Koala 

Lesson 8b Adding Color to the Value Study

Lesson 2.9a Magazine Page Design

Lesson 2.9b Canva Demo

Lesson 2.9c Canva Demo 2

Lesson 2.10a African Masks- Slide Show

Lesson 2.10b African Masks Design

Lesson 2.11 Faces of Africa a

Lesson 2.11 Faces of Africa b

Lesson 2.11c Faces of Africa c

Lesson 2.12 Faces of Africa Part 2 a

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