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This 6-week summer class will be interactive, summer-themed and lots of fun! Get creative and try new things with your online friends!

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6 live, online classes

Once a week for an hour

Tuesdays 9:30 to 10:30

June 5 - July 17 (No class on July 3)

$125 per student

You’ll join Delightful Art Co. teacher, Grace Wolfe, to try lessons from Fables, Nature Journaling, Science!

All classes are recorded so you can make up a class any time!

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Just a few supplies needed:

Mixed media art journal or sketch book (any size)

pencils and eraser

black pen

Watercolor pallet of any kind (plastic plate is okay)


small round brush

jar for water

The Art: 

1 From Fables: Pointillism Jellyfish with pen

2 From Nature Journaling: Watercolor landscape and Bumblebee pattern with pen

2 From Science: Watercolor sea turtle, watercolor beach coast scene

1 from Poetry: Wave inside of a circle

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This summer class is a perfect option for anyone considering a Delightful Art Co. class for the school year, but may be unsure which class to choose. We will do art projects from four of the class options we have to offer, Fables, Nature Journaling, Science, and Poetry! This summer class will be interactive, summer themed, and an opportunity to be creative and try new things together!


What do Pointillism and Jellyfish have in common? Or Bumblebees and patterns? You’ll have to come and find out!


Students of all ages are invited to join. The class can easily be tailored to students of all skill levels. You will get a taste of what a class here at Delightful Art Co looks like, and maybe figure out which class would suit you best in the Fall!

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