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A beautiful coffee-table art book that is full of art and poetry and step-by-step instructions in drawing. 


Each lesson in this book begins with a short, fun poem like, "Jabberwocky" or "The Caterpillar" and a selection of art by a famous artist like Monet or Van Gogh. There is also a short science trivia tip that might make your student want to learn more! A related drawing lesson follows. Students create their own nature journal. 24 lessons. Supplies needed: pencil, blending tool, watercolors, and markers. This book is used in the live, online class called, "Nature Journaling." (It is not required for the class, but it is very helpful. It will allow you to use the poem for copywork or memorization and provides easy to see guidelines for drawings.) 

Draw Your Way Into the Woods Book

SKU: 9781639445813
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