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Introducing the Art History Sketch Book, written by Courtney Sanford and beautifully illustrated by Iannah Jones. This sketchbook is the perfect companion for students taking our "Paint Your Way Through Art History" and "Paint Your Way through Marvelous To Behold" classes, providing a place for them to practice their art skills and document their creative journey. The sketchbook is also compatible with our recommended reading materials, "Reflections On Art History" and "Marvelous To Behold", making it a comprehensive resource for learning and exploring the world of art history. Whether used in conjunction with our online classes or as a standalone tool, this sketchbook is sure to inspire young artists to delve into the fascinating world of art history. Recommended for ages 12+.

Art History Sketch Book

SKU: 9798990313101

Class Pack 6+ ($8.99 ea)

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