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1 hour class
Meets weekly year-long for 24 weeks

Monday 2:30-3:30

Wednesday 1:00-2:00

"It's like a book club and an art class!"

Drawing and shading with pencil

Using blending tools

Drawing and shading with pens


Acrylic Painting

Sculpting with clay


Cut paper

Draw and shade  basic shapes

Composition Stratagies


Art Skills



History lessons will give context to the art and the readings 

List of readings coordinate with the art each week (optional)

    Semester 1: Short Stories from The American Experience, Copper Lodge from (Click the book to order from Classical Conversations.)

    Semester 2: Newberry Award Winning books related to modern America and world history

Here's what people are saying about these classes:
From students:

"My daughter LOVES Ms Maddie!"

"Ms Maddie's class is fun! She is really kind."

"I enjoy the discussions about the books. Even if I haven’t read the story, she talks about it, and I can get a good understanding of the story and still participate in the discussion.  She walks us through all the steps and teaches lots of techniques for sketching and painting."

"I always like the end product." 

From Parents:

"The instructors are super encouraging and do a great job of building value in each student’s contributions to the study of “art.”  Neither of my children are natural artists, but they sure do feel more accomplished by the end of each class. The confidence boost is an added bonus. The girls are learning useful foundational skills that can be and are being applied to areas outside of class. The parent communication and class organization of each instructor is clear and easy to follow. The reading pace and selection of the books pair nicely with the Foundations cycle. We’ll be back again next year! "

Supplies Needed:

Art Journal (at least 8.5 x 11 inches)

Drawing pencils

Blending tools


Assorted brushes

Acrylic Paint: Black, white, magenta, yellow, blue

water color paints

Colored pencils


Colored paper


Black pen

poster board to protect the table

Jar for rinse water

Paper towel or rag for wiping brushes

Glue Sticks

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You may make substitutions for any of these art supplies

These things you probably have at home already:

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