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Learn how to Paint, Print, and Get Paid with your Art! In this class, Kate Perry will be your art teacher, business coach, and your biggest encourager!

Year-long course of 24 weeks

Meets online for an hour and a half, weekly

Wednesday 11am Eastern Time


This class is open to high school student and adults.

All levels are welcome!

Note: tuition is per student. If siblings take the class, they both pay tuition.

This class will use plants and animals as inspiration for original art!

Feasts and Family is a very similar class, the only difference is the theme of the

paintings. It is offered on Tuesday at 11:00am and again at 7:00pm.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Creating original artwork

Discussion of intellectual property ethics

Motivation/Purposes for your art practice & business

Preparing art for printing

Vendor Research

Attending Craft Fairs

Passive Income Possibilites with Art

Creating fine art gifts

Creating fine art stationary

Selling Original Art


Fine Arts Skills:

Fine art skills:

Understanding of supplies

Practice and improve watercolor techniques

Color Mixing

Practice of various watercolor styles such as loose, whimsical, and illustration

Fineline black ink sketching




How does nature reveal the glory of God?

Animals and plants within their habitat

Taking a closer look at the natural world.

Pay attention to details, but don’t miss the big picture.

First semester: we will practice watercolor skills and focus on applying our art to stationary products. Students will create their own original fine art Christmas card which they can have printed and send to family or sell at Christmas craft fairs as individual cards or sets of note cards. We’ll explore other income streams possible with art. 



Second semester, we continue to build skills in watercolor and explore fine art applications such as a fine art prints and other applications such as tote bags, cups, canvases, puzzles, magnets, key chains, book marks and more!


Email Kate Perry:

Supply List:


As an Amazon Associate, Delightful Art Co. earns a commission from qualifying purchases. Anytime you purchase something from a link on our store, you'll be helping us reach more artists! You can substitute. We've listed our favorite things here.

The necessary stuff:

Stuff you could make do without, but you might love:

Additional supplies you probably have at home already:

Masking Tape


Food and Home Magazines


Glue Stick

Paper Towels

Water Jar

Small Spray water bottle (can buy at Dollar Tree)

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